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Dance Lessons


Our Values 

Our Dance Lessons are open to anyone 16 and older that shares our values as community advocates and artistic ambassadors, these are escencial to  our mission of educating and unifying our diverse community trough the arts.

1. Respect

2. Teamwork                                                                    

3. Initiative                                                                                      

4. Discipline 

5. Innovation 

6. Pluralism 

7.  Humility 


 Becoming an Artistic Ambassador on Stage:

In our dance workshops Ruiz  provides the tools to become an Artistic ambassador by teaching and sharing the traditional dances, music and culture  of Mexico. As the participant shows growth in learning the  lessons and in addition to our values, the opportunity to become part of the official performances is given, Ruiz and his reviews of the student helps to accomplish our mission with great satisfaction and quality of performance to the public.


Want to join? 

Our Requirements :


* 16 and up

* Registration (contact us)

* Black practice clothes and Black Practice Skirt

* Folkloric Dancing Shoes (white preferably)

* Rebozo, Country hat  and hand fan


Hours and Location:


6:30-7:40 Beginner Level

7:40-9:30 Intermediate/ Advance Level

Greensboro Cultural Art Center

Third Floor Stuido 305

200 N Davie St.

Greensboro, NC 27401