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Dear Friends of Latino Culture and Dance,

It is my pleasure to introduce Julio Ruiz and his new Mexican Folk dance group - Ballet Folkorico Mexican Tradition! Our mission is to build greater awareness and understanding of Latino culture through the arts, and to bring unity to our diverse communities through the beauty and fun of traditional Mexican music and dance!


The Director-

Mexican culture is one of the strongest and most prominent cultural influences in the United States and  one art of this culture is dance. This art with a combination of music and corporal movements has become an auditory and visual attraction for many regardless of age. Luckily, the state of North Carolina has an excellent Mexican Folk dance group: Ballet Folklorico Mexican Tradition of Julio Ruiz. This group is led by a teacher who knows this art very well. Important keys to success are the perseverance, commitment and time invested in a dream. An example for the truthfulness of this statement is Julio Marcial Ruiz, born in Iztapala, Mexico Distrito Federal. Julio came to the United States in search of a better life, but with him he brought his knowledge of one of his greatest passions, dance.His education in dancing began with the performing arts workshops "Le Nain" in 1994 in the state of Mexico. In 1998, Ruiz continued his dance education with House of Art Juan Diego in Valle de Chalco Solidaridad where he specialized in Mexican folklore dances. After residing in the country for some years he decided to form the dance group Ballet Folklorico Guadalupano, to which he provided his choreographies and leadership for more than five years. Ruiz continued with his work forming a new group called Ballet Folklorico Mexican Tradition of Julio Ruiz, but this time also creating a series of dance workshops open to anyone who share his values as a community advocate and artistic ambassador. The Greensboro Cultural Arts center opened the doors to Ruiz bringing this project to life with his first workshop in September of 2012, the dance workshops are currently on going and being in a very diverse city it turns it into a one in a life time experience where you experience pluralism at its best.(Many Thanks at Leonel Vega and PawImages)